3 Unique Ways To Bathroom Shine Like New!

The toilet and the bathroom has an important role in the reflection of cleanliness would occupants of the house. In other words, in a comfortable home, there are also showers hygienic and tidy.

However, cleaning the bathroom is sedot wc jakarta timur not an easy thing. Not a few people felt disgusted to make direct contact with the toilet, tub, or toilet floors were dirty. Sometimes, this clean-up process was exhausting and time consuming.

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How do I clean the toilet efficiently and maximum? Let’s read these tips from Beres to turn a bathroom to be clean, shiny, and most importantly, free of bacteria!

1. Use Hot To Maximize Cleaning and Disinfecting

Residing in tropical areas such as Indonesia, tap water (or cold water) be the choice of most people. However, in order to more effectively clean the toilet, try using hot water (or warm).

Let stand bidets, tubs, floors, and walls that had been watered toilet hot water for a few minutes. After that, rub using an anti-bacterial cleaning fluid. As a result, dirt and stains to be more easily separated and lifted.

2. Use Car Wax For Cleaning Glass Wall & Door In Bathroom

In addition to functioning as a protector and pengkilau outer layer of your car, car wax can also be used to clean the surface of your bathroom wall loh!

Use car wax on the glass doors / walls of the bathroom as well as your car. This process aims to create a protective layer on the surface of the wall (especially if your walls are made of tiles). You are advised to apply this method twice a year.

Important Note: Do not use a car wax on the floor as this can make the floor slippery and endanger the bathroom.

3. Use Toothbrush To Kill Dirt That Difficult Reached

Brushing teeth twice a day the exercise is done everyone. However, in addition to clean between your teeth, turns the toothbrush is super effective cleaning tool (and cheap, easy to obtain as well!)

Disposable toothbrush to clean tap water, between the sink, toilet, and bathroom doors are not covered by a cloth or brush. You can also add a little vinegar to eradicate dirt / stubborn stains.

When you have a long day outside all day, of course you want to relax and rest without having stripped to clean the house / toilet dirty. Quiet, cleaning service / cleaning professional and reliable Beres ready to serve you.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Health

Health benefits of papaya leaves to very much. Papaya leaves are also often used as food for the family menu.In a papaya tree, there are two parts that can be taken to our health, namely fruits and papaya. In this article will discuss the health benefits of papaya leaves.

 Efficacy benefits of papaya leaves

A taste of papaya leaves is fairly mediocre. However, there are benefits of papaya leaves for health is not widely known by the public. Any properties of papaya it? Let us read the description healthier below.


Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Health

Here is a papaya leaf properties for health, namely:

1. Inhibit Bacterial Growth

In one glass of papaya juice has 50 active ingredients, including compounds karpain. Karpain compound serves to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and worms. Papaya leaves also contain tannin. Tannins function of avoiding the worm attaches to the intestinal wall. Thus, the function of papaya leaves can prevent intestinal diseases.

2. Improve Body Immunity

Besides beneficial to inhibit the growth of bacteria, papaya leaf juice can also increase the body’s immune. The ability of papaya leaves to fight the virus is very unusual, one of them in terms of treating the common cold virus. How to treat the common cold one with papaya juice regularly.

3. Prevent Malaria

Based on recent research, benefits of papaya leaves proven to prevent malaria. The trick to making the juice of papaya leaves are drunk as malaria medicine traditional.

4. Improves Digestive System

Papaya leaves are leaves that are rich in fiber. We know that fiber is a nutrient that is needed in the digestive system. Therefore, by eating and papaya on a regular basis, will facilitate the digestive system in your body. Not only that, papaya leaves can also be used as a cure constipation and other digestive disorders.

5. Reduces Menstrual Pain

Women in ancient times even using papaya leaf extract to relieve pain when coming months. That theory has been proven in the modern medical world. No doubt about the benefits of papaya leaves to reduce menstrual pain.

6. Treating Acne

In addition to health benefits such as organ in the human body and so forth. Papaya leaves is also beneficial to skin health such as treating acne. Papaya leaves are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C are very good for your facial beauty.

7. Anti-Cancer

Research has proven if ppaya leaves contain anti-cancer enzymes. This enzyme prevents the growth of cancer cells to prevent tumor lumps, especially in the uterus. So papaya has properties to prevent cancer, particularly cervical cancer and other cancers.

8. Prevent Cataracts

Papaya leaves contain vitamins A fairly high, so it is good for the eyes. Besides, papaya leaves also can lower cholesterol, where cholesterol is too high can lead to cataracts.


That information about the health benefits of papaya leaves. To get a healthy body, in exercise and inadequate rest your needs. Do not forget to meet your daily requirement of nutrients.

Simple Good ideas Recognize Forex

Forex can be a complex thing to find out about, though the more knowledge you have the easier it is to know. When trying to learn forex you wish to expand knowing in the subject matter whenever you can, this informative article can serve as a great location to acquire some of the understanding you may need.

If you are new to exchanging, start out like a tiny dealer. Maintain tiny investing consideration more than a year to learn your rules. Then following the yr, assess your own negative and positive trades. Make sure you concentrate especially for the bad versions to find out how to avoid these.


To get the most out of industry, be sure you pick your own hours correctly. The optimum time to be able to buy and sell will be in a period of large amount. Following a long time, the may transfer a smaller amount and also the distributes is going to be larger, so your prospective revenue will probably be significantly less. Specifically when you industry is dependent upon which usually currency exchange couple you happen to be trading.

A good way to be safe about the broker spread rendah marketplace is to work with a great automatization of one’s positions. Each time a situation is much like something you have already done in days gone by, should your effects were good, just do a similar thing again. Don’t attempt something totally new from indifference in case everything you have already carried out is in your favor.

Allow yourself personal space prior to any of these modifications to your trading plan. Raising as well as lowering your own stop loss, relocating your stop loss if it is close to staying hit, as well as using deals with no investigation. These are most changes you may make, however only soon after analyzing all the benefits and drawbacks. Carrying it out because the thing is a great industry may cause one to lose cash much more times absolutely nothing.

Find out when you should trim your losses. Select how a lot you’re in order to potentially lose, and get away whenever you get to that period. Do not spend any moment expecting your situation can convert: the probabilities are it is going to simply get worse. You will will have the chance to make back your own deficits with an additional trade.

Should you be new to exchanging your forex industry, make an effort to limit yourself to a couple of marketplaces to prevent dealing with a lot of. This might lead to disappointment and also frustration. Rather, concentrate on the key currency twos, that may enhance your odds of success, which help that you sense much more confident within your abilities.

An excellent forex investing hint would be to not buy and sell inside time frames which might be way too short, for example a quarter-hour. Trading in a quick never-ending cycle may be lots of as well as luck happens to be a element. It’s better to industry within a moderate time period like four hours or perhaps lengthier.

Mentioned previously within the launch greater you know about forex the better it’s to be aware of, consequently with luck , with the details you just discovered you’ve got a far better comprehension of which kind of ways of ingest your own forex interests. Make sure you utilize oneself as if that you do not there is no chance to see good results.

Powerful drug beat blasted add length to intimate relationships.

Herbs adult men durable in claim able to add long intercourse up to 3 hours and once loaded by the mass media in Egypt, the country of origin of herbal beat blasted, hajar jahanam mesir is a product of powerful drugs most searched and most in demand in the Egyptian hunted by the Egyptians themselves or immigrants who came there.

Hasil gambar untuk Tips Memilih minyak Obat Kuat dari mesir

Excellence tonic special durable married adult men.
100% of traditional herbal plants from Egypt and India.
100% safe for cardiac and kidney, because there is a topical medication beat blasted not swallow.
Free of the chemicals will only strong medicine circulation market.
Is a powerful drug that gives a lot of satisfaction to the consumer, can be long lasting.
Is the best-selling products and many are hunted by seekers of strong durable herbal medicine man.
Adding long marital relationship and in a quick exit.
Make orgam intimate kept clean.

The products are already very popular in herbal stores and online. Many online stores that sell durable tonic males “beat blasted” even uses the name Hajar blasted as a website name.
Working system tonic durable men beat jaham / beat Sa’adah.

When some time after beat blasted in evenly, the user will feel a warm sensation in the genitals (with a sense of warmth that is different for each user). Do not be afraid, this is a sign of the herb is at work.

The reaction will make blood vessel cavity tool k * lamin enlarged so utera be depressed reduce power sensitive but will not reduce the total 100% numbness, not too much rub so that the numbness was not until 100 percent (so it will still be delicious sensation you feel.

Conclusion: strong medicine blasted beat / beat Sa’adah serves to reduce the sensitivity of the male sex organs mature, but not 100 percent and after use you’ll still feel the pleasure with a longer duration.

Procedures or how to use strong durable topical medication for men.
To maximize khaasiat and reduce side effects, follow some advice for using beat blasted the following:
Shake well before use in order to completely mixed herbal potions.
Olesin beat blasted roll on at the head of the penis alone, apply evenly on the head of the penis, make sure the fluid out of the rollers on exit.

Simply apply 1 or 2 times only and do not sampau smear on your penis piss hole.
In a few moments to appear warm reaction on your vital organs, it will usually be felt around between 15 to 30 menitan.

Let the warm feeling it disappears by itself, it can take about 2 to 3 hours.
Having a sense of warmth decreases and disappears, wash with water to clean, can use soap or antiseptic swabs to clean up the rest of the beat blasted clean of your penis.
After that, you are ready to carry out the intent along with your legitimate wife (yes remember your wife) go to someone else.

Warning: do not get too much in applying as more and more a sense of warmth can be hot, so approximately the rub. But if you already mostly, to relieve the heat, compress with ice water.

Three Impact Most Terrible If You Sleep

Meet the needs of adequate and quality sleep is an essential way to keep your body healthy. Sleep can also be regarded as one of the psychological medicine that can fix certain problems in the body and keep fit so that it can function properly and perfectly. However, too much sleep can actually be bad for health. Because whatever the excessive nature will surely result in less good in the end. Lack of sleep or sleep mostly have the same adverse effects for physical and mental health. As we know, the recommended amount of sleep time is between 6 to 8 hours a day or ideally at 9 pm bedtime.

Most sleep causes die sooner
When a person does not obtain adequate sleep (at night), it is often what happens is the body becomes easily tired or not excited the next day. In addition, lack of sleep will also have an impact on the increase in stress, depression, suffer from certain diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as several other serious diseases related to heart. No doubt also that lack of sleep can also cause weight problems or obesity.

Similarly, most sleep also not good for health. There is a certain disease conditions and threats for those who spend too much time sleeping. One of them is the risk of type 2 diabetes, because too much sleep can increase blood sugar levels. Here are some of the impact of more terrible if you mostly sleep:

1. Failure Brain Function
Too much sleep will have an impact on brain functions do not work properly or malfunction of the brain. Concerned would find it difficult to concentrate, resulting in inability to complete tasks that ordinary dialakukannya every day. Most sleep can make the brain age to two years older than they should. If this continues over time, then there is permanent damage to brain function.

2. Obesity and Heart Disease
If you do not have special activities and spend more time for a nap, then chances are you are experiencing the problem of obesity is greater. Obesity is closely associated with cholesterol problems and heart health. That means, you have a higher risk of heart disease earlier.

3. Dies Faster
Despite that determines the death is the Almighty, but all that happens in this world there must be a first cause. Research shows that people who sleep mostly have a high risk of dying faster when compared with those who slept at the same age. This is due to too much sleep can trigger inflammation in the brain and heart disease.

So simple article that discusses the adverse effects of sleep deprivation and mostly sleeping. We wish to add your knowledge treasurer all, and can be taken advantage. Thank you…


Flexible packaging paper packaging is the first before the invention of plastic
and aluminum foil. Currently the paper packaging is still widely used and can compete with
other packaging such as plastic and metal because the price is cheap, easy to obtain and
its extensive use. Besides as packaging, the paper also serves as a media

Communicator and print media. The weakness of the paper packaging for packing foodstuffs is
sifanya sensitive to water and is easily affected by the air humidity environment.
The properties of the paper packaging is highly dependent on the manufacturing process and additional treatment
in the manufacturing process. Paper packaging can be either flexible or rigid packaging packaging.

Hasil gambar untuk Kelebihan kardus untuk pembungkus

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Some types of paper that can be used as flexible packaging is kraft paper, paper
-resistant grease (grease proof). Glassin and wax paper (waxed paper) or paper made from
modified these papers. Containers of paper stiff there in the form of cartons, boxes,
cans fiber, the drums, the cups are waterproof, packaging tetrahedral and others, which can
be made from paper board, laminated paper, corrugated board and various kinds of board of the paper Special.
Containers of paper usually wrapped by other packaging materials such as plastic and foil
metal that is more protective.

the characteristics of the paper based on the weight or thickness. Based on the weight of the paper
can be expressed in weight (lb) / 3000 ft2 or referred to under the rim. In the USA many reams of
standards for packaging paper is 500 sheets with a size of 24 x 36 inches (61 x 91.5 cm). In
Europe, Japan and other countries the size of the more common is the grammage (g / m2).

Grammage for paper primary packaging ranging from 18 lb / ream – 90 lb / ream (30 g / m2 – 150 g / m2),
while for corrugated board ranged from 72-85 lb / ream (117-300 g / m2). A. HISTORY OF Paper which was the first flexible packaging once discovered in China in the year 100 BC. In 751 a Muslim who works in a paper factory of China in Samarkand managed to get the secret of making paper and brought to Spain in 950. Publishing the book begins ttahun 1450, while newspaper publishing regularly starting in 1609. The paper mill was built in the first Americans 1690 by William Rittenhause namely in Philadelphia.

At the time the papermaking process is still slow and produced only one sheet of paper for a one-time process. Nicholas-Louis Robert of France to develop a process of making paper is continuous. Maker of paper were first discovered in 1799 by Brother Fourdriner that getting a patent in the United Kingdom. Cylinder type engines invented by John Dickenson is installed near Philadelphia in 1817. In the 19th century, has replaced the paper container of clay, glass and cans. In 1840 discovered how to manufacture paper box that requires a lot of glue, an d its use is limited to luxury goods. Mistake by printing workers in making bags for grain to make the technique of making cardboard into thriving. In 1856 made of corrugated cardboard (corrugated board) in the UK, whereas in the United States was first discovered by ALJones 1871. B.

PAPER MAKING PROCESS raw material of paper is wood cellulose or rice straw treated with chemicals, destroyed, dipucatkan, formed into layers and dried. Wood comprised of 50% cellulose, 30% lignin and materials are adhesive in the middle lamella, 20% carbohydrate in the form of xylan, mannan as well as resin, tannin and gum, type of wood and sheets of paper the desired end will determine how to manufacture paper. In the papermaking raw material such as wood or straw rice first made into a pulp.

1. Pulp Manufacturing Methods There are three methods used in the manufacture of pulp, namely: a. The first method is the basic method of manufacture of wood pulp, logs crushed with stone mill while spraying water onto the surface of the mill stone to remove the material that has been milled. This method is only used for soft wood types are the type of wood from coniferous trees with long fibers> 0625 cm. In this method there is no section of wood is wasted. B. The second method is a method of chemical pulping. In this method of wood put in chemicals to remove the lignin and carbohydrates.

There are three process chemicals that are used are: – Process soda found in the UK in 1851 and is a chemical process which is the oldest. In the process of soda, a chemical used to dissolve the wood components that are not desirable is caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and soda ash ( sodium carbonate). The process of soda is used for the manufacture of hardwood pulp is wood from trees whose leaves were falling in certain seasons, has a fiber length of <0:25 cm. – The process of kraft or sulphate process using chemicals in the form of sodium sulfate as a substitute for sodium carbonate.

The results of the kraft process is a kraft pulp were hard but brown and difficult to bleached, while the white-colored soda pulp and texture is smooth. – Sulfite process uses chemicals such as calcium or magnesium bisulfite solution and sulphurous acid. This method is used for softwood pulp colored and produced more brighter, higher strength of the pulp is not as strong caustic soda kraft pulp. C. Semikimiawi Method This method is a combination of how chemical and mechanical tools in the manufacture of wood pulp. To soften the lignin and carbohydrate bound to the fibers, the wood soaked in caustic soda or sodium Sulfi neutral. Then milled in a disc refiner. The method used for hardwood semikimiawi, the low cost of the process and the pulp produced still contains most of the lignin. Semikimiawi difficult bleached pulp, and if exposed to the sun is yellow.

Typically used for materials that require strength and stiffness as the media box. The timber will be used as pulp cut into pieces ipis and small, cooked a few hours by using a crusher which is operated at a temperature of 150oC and a pressure of 7 kg / cm2 (100 psi), then closed loudly blow forming pits which have to be cleaned. Once it is done whitening (bleaching) using calcium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide atai calcium dioxide. The bleaching process can reduce the strength of the pulp, so note the relationship between the brightness of the pulp and the tensile strength of the paper produced.

Could not Stop Eating, boy 9 Year-weighted 167 Kg

In recent years, cases of obesity in children tends to increase significantly graph. Many things can cause a child to be obese. In addition to hormonal factors, obesity is often caused by lifestyle and eating habits, especially with the availability of various types of food today that make children more diligently to select any desired food, although in terms of health actually have a detrimental effect. Just as obesity experienced by the boy from China, which is struggling to regain their ideal weight.
child obesity
Li Hang with mother
Boy of nine years old named Li Hang, the usual help his mother by selling flowers on the streets of downtown Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, East China Sea. As a result of experiencing a rare genetic disorder, he had to fight against obesity, according to a prediction that even doctors can get lifetime. As an ordinary boy, of course Hang eager to play freely with their peers. But with such physical condition, he often felt sorrow to move and run freely.

Li Hang was originally born in the normal weight of 2.5 kg. But at the age of three, she began to gain weight unnatural (excessive) and the lack of emotional stability. In 2012, doctors diagnosed that Li suffered a medical condition called Syndrome Prader-Willi . In addition, Li also said to have an intelligence level below the average for his age.

Li often divert the emotional instability with any eating food that is now at the age of nine years her weight has reached 167 kg. Not only that, he also suffered from complications of the disease such as high blood pressure, Swelling the liver (fatty liver), and several other related diseases.

He had managed to lose a few kilograms of weight after following a diet program at a health clinic and fitness. But his weight jumped back in March for not being able to control his food. And after many efforts were fruitless, he eventually underwent minimally invasive bariatric surgery. His weight is now passable dropped to 143 kg, and is still struggling to gain a healthy weight and ideal.

Easy Ways to Learn Arabic Quickly

Arabic is one of the languages of considerable interest to learn. A lot of people who want to learn Arabic especially Muslims in various parts of the world.

Destinations people to learn Arabic Among them there are who want to learn to study there, there are migrant workers who want to be up there who want to learn in order to more easily understand the contents of the Qur’an. Whatever the purpose of people to cepat bahasa arab learn the Arabic language must be adding linguistics and other sciences.

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Easy Tips to Learn Arabic

Here are some tips so that you can easily grasp and understand in learning Arabic, as will dijelasakan below is Easy Ways to Learn Arabic Quickly :

First – all you need to make a firm conviction before you start to learn Arabic. Because of strong beliefs and tujuanlah that can make you the spirit in learning Arabic. You will more earnestly in learning and this course will be very useful for you. The purpose of your learning Arabic so that you lebuh know and understand the language, then do not be ashamed to learn because the learning is people who do not understand.

Make learning fun for you. You can make small posters that you can paste on the wall of the study room whose contents are new words to learn so you’ll find it easier to remember these words. try new ways in order to learn Arabic to be monotonous and boring for you. Find a friend who is equal to you who are still learning too and invite to talk to you so that you and your friends will hone skills in the Arabic language.

The latter is the study of Arabic from the most basic language level of the palig easy to learn so you will more quickly understand. Learn every day because the more you learn, the sooner you understand Arabic. If you’ve mastered the basic Arabic, increase to a higher level again until you really master all levels in the language.

Getting Rid of Dandruff Naturally and Quickly 2

4.) Tea Tree Oil
tree oil tea is believed to have many health benefits for the body of one of them is the health of your hair. use was easy enough to use about 5 drops of tea tree oil into a shampoo to use when shampooing. You can do this way but not too often.

Image result for Dandruff

5.) The sesame oil
How to get rid of dandruff hereinafter that use sesame oil. Sesame oil is a natural substance that is effective in reducing the loss, the problem of dry scalp and dandruff problems. You can use sesame oil in a way to warm it first and then you can apply on your scalp. Besides lemon juice can also be mixed with sesame oil. Let stand for a few hours after that wash your hair thoroughly.

6.) Garlic
Garlic has anti-fungal properties that can eliminate the bacteria that trigger dandruff. The use of garlic is very easy by using multiple cloves of garlic and then mashed. Then you can use garlic that has been crushed this on your scalp and let sit for a few minutes. After that Wash as usual.So that the aroma of garlic was not overpowering, you can use olive oil or can also mix it with honey.

7.) Aloe Vera
The use of aloe vera to treat various hair problems have made many people for a long time. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that is very good for hair health. Aloe vera is useful in addition to thicken hair , black hair, can soften hair can also cope with the stubborn dandruff. How to use was fairly easy, by taking the aloe leaf and then rinse thoroughly and do not forget to peel the skin. Discard the skin and the sap then take the meat / gel alone and puree and strain. The results of these filters you can use to measker on your scalp in order to obtain maximum results. You can use it every other day.

8.) Avoid Stress
Stress is a trigger causes the emergence of various diseases including dandruff, therefore you should try to avoid stress for the mind and body healthy. Also try to avoid foods that are not healthy because it can lead to problems on the skin, your scalp and your hair.

Above is Getting Rid of Dandruff Naturally and Fast . Of course, fast or slow depending on the compatibility with natural ingredients you use. When matched with your scalp, dandruff can be lost quickly. Do not forget to believe that you can overcome dandruff and lost, because the effect of recovering the trust is very influential in healing a person when having health problems.

If irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use of natural materials that you use. Because some types of skin is not compatible with the use of certain natural ingredients.

keep healthy and nutritionally balanced food has also become one of the main factors of health of your scalp and hair, because it do not ignore diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Hopefully the article entitled Getting Rid of Dandruff Naturally and Quickly it could be useful to the readers of the Daily Health website. Let’s always keep the health of the body by getting used to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day. Greetings healthy!

canopy baja ringan

Mild Steel Welding Toldos

Frame structures generally known for roofing houses, offices and other public buildings canopy baja ringan mild steel. Idea Based on the data line, the observations made last year showed that no less than 90% of the housing project under construction at that time by a ceiling light steel frame. Although mild steel can also be applied to other things, like the garage under cover and canopy.

canopy baja ringan
canopy baja ringan

According to architect Probo Hindarto, the canopy is a building jutting forward like a home, office, and even a restaurant. Its main function is to provide protection to households for windows, doors and vents of any type of warm weather and rain. Over time, the canopy becomes increasingly diverse materials, eg tiles, shingle materials (wood), vinyl, polycarbonate, fabric, plastic, concrete, zinc and cement. The diversity of this material allows consumers and architects choose as needed. (Astudioarchitect.com)

In environmental science, canopy, which can be located at an altitude of 100 feet (30 m) above the ground, formed by branches and leaves of rainforest trees overlap. Researchers estimate that 70-90% of life in the rainforest is found in the trees making this the richest habitat for animal and plant life. Many well known monkeys, frogs, lizards, birds, snakes, sloths, and small cats are found in the canopy. (Http://world.mongabay.com)

Although the canopy baja ringan is a structure, an open-sided roofed made to save at least a parked car, van, truck, boat, trailer or recreational vehicle (RV). Garages differ from the garage on the side of openness rather than walls. No need garage doors and garage doors garage can, but not as garages, carports often do not have much storage space. Garage can be attached to the part of the building or can be freestanding. Many garages located in front of the house leading from the main entrance, while the other is placed on the side or back yard and had dirt, concrete, gravel or paved road. The marquee was first created in 1936 by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Garages can be built from wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel, but steel garages are often considered the stronger and more durable. Garages in galvanized steel with one piece of the roof offering a finish of zinc to resist corrosion, more solid roof construction. garage roof with many parts might not be strong. (Www.wisegeek.com).

In en.wikipedia.com, canopy cover is a structure used to provide limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars from the elements. The structure can be independent or joined to the wall. Unlike most of the roof structure it has four walls, and usually have one or two. Garages provide protection against unsafe cars from the garage, but allows greater ventilation. Garage The term was coined by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, when he first began using the carport for his “Usonian” homes parking; Herbert Jacobs house, built in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1936. In the description of the garage, Mr. Jacobs said, “A car is not a horse, and do not require storage Then he added.” The car is built enough well as now to not require complicated shelter. Looking back on life in 1936, it is easy to imagine the car before today are not fully tightened, the era of the assembly, advanced materials and a perfect closing line was still 50 years ahead. Jacobs added: “Our cheap used cars have been established throughout the winter on the street, often in a climate far below zero (Fahrenheit) A carport is really a luxury to it ..”

All types of kanopi minimalis have an open side, but the environmental protection provided the vehicle is sufficient in most areas. Although the garage usually offer more space and storage racks, roofing largest allow some space for these options. Because roofed garages, but is also open on the side, some people like to add a picnic table outside to eat a rainy day if the garage is located near the kitchen.

The development of the material and the number of options to make any client option detour in his garage mild steel for construction. A house in Kopo, garage cover construction of lightweight steel material.

Easy installation
As it is written in the Idea line that frame cover using mild steel garage is not difficult. To build a carport cover its tiled it, it takes just 3 days to 2 artisans per day. What is important should not be an image of design and size. Builders only have to cut the steel bars according to the size shown in the pictures, and arranged in a covered carport frame with special bolts. Well the tools used nothing special. To cut a steel bar for example, using a common metal saw. Of course, the technician should also be trained to do at least understand how light armor steel roof installation, cut and assembled into a building structure. (From various sources)