20 Great Trips of Low Season



The sun gives way to Christmas lights on Europe’s afternoons, but the tourist brochures are still tempting with warm seas and blue skies. And leaving when the rest does not do it is the golden rule to save on travel. Here are some ideas for those who can.


01 Formentera

Just 82 square kilometers suffice to contain a Mediterranean universe in Formentera. A landscape of dunes, jungles, rocky cliffs and beaches such as Ses Illetes, Migjorn or Cala Saona that the low season allows you to discover without crowds. To travel there you can take advantage of the flights on offer to Ibiza from Ryanair from Madrid: 29 euros, round trip with sewa bus PARIWISATA. Ferri between Ibiza and Formentera: 43 euros, round trip.

02 Sevilla Top Secret

The Top Secret formula (the name of the hotel is not known until the time of reservation, although its category and location) offers the opportunity to stay in hotels with prices reduced by up to 45%. To set up, for example, a cheap getaway to the warm Sevillian winter: in Lastminute, rooms for 54 euros per night, two people, in four-star hotels in the center of Seville.

03 Italian cities

In addition to the trilogy Rome, Florence, Venice, Italy there are other cities where art lovers can find lesser known treasures, such as Perugia, a capital of the Umbria region, or Pisa, gateway to the Tuscan villages. Ryanair flies to Perugia and Pisa (departures from Girona and Madrid) from 40 euros, round trip.

04 Green Berlin

Easyjet has some of the best rates for traveling to Berlin in winter: from 71 euros, round trip, with departures from Madrid and Barcelona. An excuse for the trip can be the International Green Week, an ecological fair that will be held from January 16 to 25. The Berlin Tourist Office has accommodation offers with a public transport ticket and tickets to museums and shows from 56 euros per person.

05 The immortal detective

Until the 12th of April, 2015, the exhibition “The man who never lived and will never die”, the largest exhibition dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and his author, writer Arthur Conan Doyle, since 1951. Return to London with Easyjet from Madrid: 70 euros.

06 Bilbao or Zihuatanejo?

Until the release of Frank Darabont’s Perpetual Chain, few had heard of Zihuatanejo, a beach on the Mexican Pacific coast. For those who want to flee there like Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in the movie, the hotel’s signature Tablet Hotels offers luxury palapas at Playa Viva resort for 153 euros a night. In the same portal there are more close links: staying at Miró hotel in Bilbao, for example, costs € 79 a night in a double room.

07 Sunsets and nettles

Winter beaches such as those of Bologna or Conil de la Frontera, in Cadiz, to stroll or see sunsets from the chirping Ito. In Trivago, accommodation in hotels and cottages of Conil and surroundings from 40 euros per night.

08 The wolves of Gévaudan

Three-day French getaways to Carcassonne or Narbonne for 195 euros per person, a weekend in Montpelier for 75 euros or two nights in the region of Lozère, the country of Red Caperucita, with the visit to the reserve of the Gévaudan wolves, from 105 euros per person on the tourism website of Languedoc-Roussillon.
09 Hot Wine in Riga

The first weeks of December can be used to stroll around the Christmas market in Riga, the capital of Latvia, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Wizz Air flies from Barcelona, for 65 euros, round trip.


10 The volcano of the trade winds

Between the sunny southern beaches and the cliffs of Isla Baja or the tip of Anaga, Tenerife boasts amazing landscapes marked by the sea, the Teide, and the trade winds. Logitravel offers seven-night stays at the Semiramis hotel, a five-star hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, with flights, transfers, and breakfasts from 305 euros.

11 A bathroom in Budapest

The thermal baths of the Hotel Géllert can warm up a winter getaway to Budapest, which invites you to discover its attractions with the Winter Invitation campaign, a four-night promotion for the price of three at 40 hotels, as well as free access to one of the four spas Historical and discounts on transportation, restaurants, shops and visits. Wizzair has flights to Budapest from Madrid and Barcelona for 120 euros.

12 Hot prices against the cold

Many travelers take advantage of the weeks before and after Christmas to make a getaway, and for destinations such as Reykjavik (Iceland) or Rovaniemi (Finland), there are good prices, with round trip tickets for 430 and 298 euros, respectively, in Kayak.


13 Winter Caribbean

Keeping a few days of summer vacation can have its reward in December, January or February: change sidewalks and lampposts for beaches and coconut trees. Natalia offers stays of seven nights in Playa Bávaro (Dominican Republic), with flights, transfers and all-inclusive regime for 815 euros per person.


Colonial cities and towns, and sandy cays for bathing or snorkeling. A different way to visit Cuba is to stay in private homes, with an offer of more than 5,000 rooms authorized by the Government: they are cheaper than hotels – prices move between 25 and 30 euros a night – and let you know the day to Day of the island. In search engines such as Skyscanner or Kayak, there are flights between Madrid and Havana for 612 euros, round trip.

15 Cruise to Brazil

Many passenger ships leave their ports in Europe in late autumn to head towards warmer seas, which offers the possibility of embarking on a transoceanic cruise at affordable prices. The Costa Favolosa, for example, will set sail on November 25 in Barcelona on an 18-day trip to Rio de Janeiro and stop at Cadiz, Casablanca, Madeira, Tenerife and the Brazilian ports of Recife, Maceió, Ilheus and Salvador de Bahía. At Logitravel, from 699 euros per person, with full board and taxes. Those who prefer to travel to Brazil in direct flight can take advantage of the offer of Tam Airlines, which flies from Madrid to São Paulo for 629 euros round trip, and the 20% discount for domestic flights from Latam.

16 Vibrant Bangkok

Visiting markets such as Talad Rot Fai (train market in Thai), a Bangkok overnight trail located in a former railway warehouse, is one of the possibilities offered by the Thai capital. In December, Natalia offers stays of seven nights, with flights, transfers, and rates from 624 euros per person.

17 Volcanoes of Salt

The archipelago of Cape Verde has pleasant winter temperatures (more than 20 degrees average) and amazing volcanic landscapes. Logitravel offers seven-night stays on the island of Sal, with flights and breakfasts for 774 euros.


18 Sheltered in Moscow

A Russian proverb says there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. In order to venture into the frigid Moscow winter, Politours organizes an eight-day trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg from 1,180 euros per person (flights, transfers, train, accommodation, breakfasts, and taxes). Departures on Sundays from Madrid.

19 Colors of Rajasthan

The fall and winter months are the best time to travel to Rajasthan, the kingdom of Rajput warriors. In December, the agency Exotic organizes trips to India, 11-day circuits through Delhi and Agra, and in Rajasthan, the cities of Jaipur, Manawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur for 1,245 euros per person.

20 The beaches of Serendip

Chillout beaches, tea plantations, coral reefs, wild elephants, giant buddhas and impregnable places at over three hundred meters high await in Sri Lanka, the island of Serendip in Persian tales (hence the English term serendipity, incredible chance To be looking for one thing and to discover another). Qatar flies to Colombo from Madrid and Barcelona for 622 euros, round trip.

Autumnal Getaway to La Granja



Onvert nature into art and vice versa. That was the question in the Age of Enlightenment. And it is what happened in La Granja, Segovian enclave pocketed in what is now the national park of Guadarrama. Forests and water. The Bourbon monarchs made this a retreat for leisure and hunting. At the time, a sort of colonial and Cartesian town was built around the palace, to attend to the palatial needs: House of the Canons, for the clergy; House of Trades, for maintenance teams; Barracks for guard bodies, stables … Even a crystal factory to create large mirrors and lamps. A palatine city preserved as few. Times change, and what once enjoyed only the kings is a hit of the weekends of the sovereign people.

Geometries and water

It was Philip V, grandson of the Sun King and first Bourbon of Spain, who built in La Granja de San Ildefonso, between 1721 and 1724, a palace (1) with gardens in the image and likeness of Versailles of his grandfather. On a smaller scale, since in principle, the real site was destined only to the rest (it would also be temporal cut, by historical changes). His widow, Isabel de Farnesio, and other successors continued or expanded works. The case is that La Granja gives off a more rustic and casual air, closer to the Trianons than to the main palace of Versailles. Before entering the rooms, a Museum of Tapestries (2) (to be expanded) shows colossal pieces, in size and quality. But in La Granja are the gardens (3) the protagonists, inspired by those designed in Versailles André Le Nôtre. A winged geometry of walks, trees and hedges encapsulate 26 monumental fountains and an entire encyclopedia of gods. The suppliers operate with mechanisms of the eighteenth century; Iron pipes receive water from several ponds, fed in turn by the so-called Sea, a lake at the top. That is why they do not always run, because the water does not recover, and because the pipes would explode in winter. In summer, yes, run sometimes and only a little (better informed before:

Geometries and water

It was Philip V, grandson of the Sun King and first Bourbon of Spain, who built in La Granja de San Ildefonso, between 1721 and 1724, a palace (1) with gardens in the image and likeness of Versailles of his grandfather. On a smaller scale, since in principle, the real site was destined only to the rest (it would also be temporal cut, by historical changes). His widow, Isabel de Farnesio, and other successors continued or expanded works. The case is that La Granja gives off a more rustic and casual air, closer to the Trianons than to the main palace of Versailles. Before entering the rooms, a Museum of Tapestries (2) (to be expanded) shows colossal pieces, in size and quality. But in La Granja are the gardens (3) the protagonists, inspired by those designed in Versailles André Le Nôtre. A winged geometry of walks, trees and hedges encapsulate 26 monumental fountains and an entire encyclopedia of gods. The suppliers operate with mechanisms of the eighteenth century; Iron pipes receive water from several ponds, fed in turn by the so-called Sea, a lake at the top. That is why they do not always run, because the water does not recover, and because the pipes would explode in winter. In summer, yes, run sometimes and only a little (better informed before15.00

Happy Arcadia

There is also another possibility to eat: to enter a couple of kilometers along the road to Madrid. They will sprout like mushrooms restaurants and terraces on both sides of the road. In the mountains of Valsaín, a protected natural area, pine trees are very appreciated by the timber industry (they are long and straight), and the Eresma river shelters trout coveted by kings. So Felipe II built a palace where historical festivities came to be celebrated. But a fire ravaged the building; To finish off, grates and other materials were taken to La Granja when the new site was built there. The ruins of the old palace can be seen in Valsaín (9), and in La Pradera (10), some houses of rehabilitated 19th century maderistas. The most popular spot, undoubtedly, is Boca del Assno (11), where the river is enclosed, wrapped in grassland. There is a visitor center, in case someone gives you to enter the national park.

Hunting lodge

To the palace of Riofrío (12) can be acceded leaving of the highway to Segovia (CL-601) to the height of the reservoir of Pontoon Alto. They give more turns than a top, but the environment is calendar. Another option is to follow the road to Segovia until turning off at the ring road and entering the Riofrío park by the Hontoria Gate. In that case, Palazuelos de Eresma and the DYC whiskey factory (13) will be left to the right, which admits visits, including tasting. When arriving at Riofrío invades a certain sensation of desolation. A building so big and unexpected, so harmonious … and so lonely. He knew no great courtiers. It remained as a simple hunting lodge, which the king consort, Don Francisco de Asis, used to escape from the ardor of Isabel II, they say. The palace is under construction (the Junta de Castilla y León wants to install an art gallery there) and you can only visit the Hunting Museum, which does not seduce everyone, because of the sight of dissected animals. Live animals in freedom, that is, deer, roe deer and wild boar, are no longer seen as before, by the metal fences that shield the road.
The outskirts of the city

When leaving Riofrío by the Puerta de Hontoria, the tower of the Cathedral of Segovia already appears on the horizon. We are one step away. And we entered the city by “the polygon”, and more specifically by the Eroski (14); So the Segovians know the commercial complex grown next to the ring road, on the other side of the AVE station (15), not to use the official name, a little cheesy: Luz de Castilla. There was a time not far away that Segovia was without cinemas. Now, in this commercial complex there are eight rooms. More lots of shops and food places. And very close to it is not necessary to take a look at the Postigo sausage factory, rotund and interesting industrial building at the foot of the road, from 1966, the work of Francisco de Inza (an architect with numerous and faithful admirers) and Heliodoro Dols..

How Important Is Buying Eid Clothes for Your Child?

Eed is synonymous with new clothes. It applies to anyone, no matter how old you are. Jubah anak kecil i wonder where the origin of this kind of thing, but what is clear, since you’re small, you would never nag your parents to ask for new clothes during Eid.

In addition to children, both teenagers and grown naturally you also have a desire to buy new clothes. It is more due to your desire to appear more fresh and different than usual.


For the children themselves usually desire to have new clothes during Eid because of your habits from an early age they are taught to wear new clothes, a habit they carry is then up to the age they are now. Coupled with the environmental conditions are not different, each child is certainly no sense of pride or inferiority if no new clothes.

The question now, need new clothes for children? The answer is indeed necessary. The next question is, how many new clothes that ideal? Well, in this article, will provide tips that might be able to prepare and take advantage of when buying clothes for children.

Buy Far-Away Days Before
Buying clothes far days before Eid is one way to prevent yourself from the hustle and bustle of the rising prices. Ideally you buy clothes at least at the beginning of the fasting until the H-2 weeks before Eid.

At clothing stores that sell new clothes, usually crowded at H-7 to H-1 , of course you do not want to be in a crowd is not it? It can provoke you know.

Buy As Gift Fasting
Will you buy your child new clothes because he was fasting in accordance with the target you set. Such a strategy can motivate children to fast with enthusiasm.

But this does not mean that if your child is not fast, then you then do not buy new clothes. Make a deal Eid next year, for example, if fasting is better than this year, it will buy a new dress nicer or more.

Total’s ideals
How many new clothes ideal for children? On average parents buy new clothes for children 3 pieces. This amount would have to be adapted to the economic conditions and the amount of your child.

Do not fair to your children, so the average the number of clothes to all of your child, unless your child is old teenager or adult.

Standardize Clothes One Family
One family of compact wear widths on the same theme definitely exciting. Well, you can make a strategy that children are not fussy in choosing clothes very varied widths.

This kind of uniform you can message all the way before Eid. Capture the moment is to take pictures with your families.

Keep neatness and use of
the name of the children would rather indifferent to the problem of neatness and cleanliness in the use of their new clothes. This applies also when they wear new clothes widths. During a visit of course they will not be tempted by the meals. Well, before this happens, you have warned your child to always maintain the cleanliness and tidiness while wearing new clothes.

Keep neatness and cleanliness can make new clothes more durable and children become more confident wearing it even though they are worn for several times.

Similarly, tips and tricks from us, I hope useful. You need to remember is control of your finances wisely when spending new clothes and do not go crazy!

Easy Ways to Get Free Coins on LINE Without Root

LINE is Chating applications are quite popular and myself prefer to use LINE of the fuel. LINE has a lot of cool stickers are either free or paid that you can download.

If you want to buy stickers on LINE should be used KOIN as its main currency. to be able to get the coin you have to replace it with a pulse or by transfer ATM . However, here I will explain how to get coins LINE for free,

How to Get Free Coins on LINE

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to be able to get free coins Line you should follow the programs provided by LINE named LINE Free Coins.
How to Get Free Coins on LINE

why LINE provide Free Coins ?

Do you know that in fact LINE is the developers that have many applications and they certainly want applications that are made can be used by many users. in short, Line Free Coins are the media for their promotion.

for steps please follow the tutorial which say given below:

# 1: First, please you go first to the application’s main menu Line then select Coins Guide and then please you add the official account Line free Coins and for more details please see the image below.
How to Get Free Coins on LINE

# 2: After you’ve add accounts Free Coins now go back to the menu Coins Guide and see there are some challenges that you must complete the mission if you want to get a coin. choose the mission that you think most easily.
How to Get Free Coins on LINE

I usually choose the mission that was only told to download a particular application and then try it some time.

# 3: If you have completed the mission given please go back to the Line Free Coins and select the application that you had completed its mission to Claim . you’ll automatically coins will increase.
How to Get Free Coins on LINE

Here are a few that I have a mission to complete.
How to Get Free Coins on LINE

that is the way to get free coins line without root may be useful to you and I’ll see ya in the next article.

How to Edit Photos Eliminate Acne Blemish with Snapseed app for iPhone and Android

Sometimes pimples often come at an inopportune time, such as the example at the time of gathering with friends or loved ones, do not miss taking pictures’ve definitely done to capture the fun moments. But because of acne blemishes on the face, the images became less attractive, it is of course very frustrating not to solve it in this review I will give you tips for how to eliminate acne blemishes in photos easily and quickly, directly from the smartphone iPhone and android you.

How to Edit Photos Eliminate Acne Blemish

Edit photos to Eliminate acne blemishes without complicated now you can do through your smartphone with the help of photo editing application . There have been many applications from various developers who can use, one of them with the application Snapseed is available for iOS and android. Snapseed is developed by google this to be the best choice application, because its very complete and very easy to use.

How to Edit Photos To Eliminate Acne Blemish on iPhone and Android

Immediately, the subject of how to eliminate acne blemishes with the iPhone and android you can see the steps below.

How to Edit Photos To Eliminate Acne Blemish on iPhone and Android
# 1. First provide the tools used iPhone or Android Smartphone, photos with acne blemishes you want to remove, and applications Edit photos Snapseed Please visit the link below and download the apps appsnya,
Snapseed for iOS
Snapseed for Android

# 2. After all the tools and materials are ready, go to the editing process,

# 3. Open the application Snapseed on the iPhone or android smartphone,
How to Edit Photos Eliminate Acne Blemish

# 4. Select ” Open Photo ” to select the image you want to edit and then tap on the photo you want to edit,

How to Edit Photos Eliminate Acne Blemish

# 5. Once open the photo in the select on the application Snapseed, then open the edit menu is marked with a pencil icon round, it will appear a few tools and filters for photo editing there, for photo editing eliminate acne select only the tools ” Healing ” which bandages marked with the icon,

How to Edit Photos Eliminate Acne Blemish

# 6. Once open tools Healing , adjust first the ” Patches “, do not forget to also adjust well sized circles to remove acne blemishes such a way zoom in parts of the picture.

How to Edit Photos Eliminate Stains on android

# 7. After the suit then tap and swipe on the acne blemishes until stains disappear.

# 8. After all acne blemishes successfully removed and then save , there are two options to save , the ” save ” to save the photo to be edited without a copy of the original or ” save a copy ” to save a copy of the original.

How to Edit Photos Eliminate Acne Blemish

# 9. Done.

Very easy is not, other than a tool to eliminate acne blemishes on the application Snapseed there are also many tools of cool that you can try yourself.

Bills. Water Heater, Microwave, TV …: How To Save € 200 Per Year

Bills. Water Heater, Microwave, TV …: How To Save € 200 Per Year
Bills, every Italian family wastes, on average, two hundred euro per year. As spare them? Just follow a few tips, as the site facile.it.

Avoid letting the water run in the sink while brushing your teeth or shaves saves 36 Euros.
Cook with the lid it saves 5.
Freshen the environment with conditioner instead of dehumidify ago remain in your pocket 85 euro.
Cooking with a pressure cooker instead of a traditional lowers the cost of 8 Euros per year.
Unplug the refrigerator a few centimeters from the wall of 23 euro.
Ensure that you always properly closed the refrigerator and the freezer saves 21 Euros per year http://www.indolexa.com, use a cooking gas instead of electricity it saves 19.
Dry the dishes to air, without using the dishwasher, he earns 18.
Heat the milk or the tea water on the stove instead of the microwave earns 16 Euros.
Thawing and warming food in the oven instead of the microwave can save 33 €.
Keep the heating of a temperature of 19 degrees instead of 20 or 21 saves 120 EUR per year. Turn it off completely if you go on a few days ago to earn a ten euro
Using a gas water heater instead of an electric one to heat water saves 176 euro per year.
Eliminate standby from TV, VCR, microwave, computer, etc., off the little light red, makes risparmire 56 Euros.
Turn off lights in unused rooms of even an hour a day ago save 30 €

Home to 69% of Italian cuisine is the most peaceful

For 69% of the Italian room of the house where you can find the perfect family harmony is the kitchen space. Prepare lunch and dinner transmits psychological well-being (52%), away daily stress (34%). And ‘what emerges from a study commissioned by Comprex, at the Salone del Mobile 2013, which opens tomorrow at the Fair and involving over 1,200 people with methodology WOA (Web Opinion Analysis), involving 50 experts including psychologists and sociologists, not Whether you are preparing a simple sandwich or dinner by candlelight, according to almost 7 out of 10 Italian experience in the kitchen of the house can become a moment that can transmit positive.

Dishes and stoves can be a time of joy and well-being (52%) and the home kitchen becomes a space for Italians preferred the convenience that can give a bedroom (45%) and the technological comforts available within the stay (34%). The study also shows that Italians devote great care to the choice of details, both for combination of materials and furnishings (43%), what colors and lighting environments (22%).

Execution The Art Of Successfully Carrying Out Business Operations

Execution The Art Of Successfully Carrying Out Business Operations

Larry Bossidy and David Brandt, American bestselling authors on managerial issues, their viva aforementioned in their recent book on the topic and provide practical suggestions on how best to implement the execution, proceeding first of all, in the first part of the paper, to its definition, that summarize in the following way:

– The execution is a discipline, crucial for the implementation of any business strategy;
– The execution is attributable to the leader, the one who basically runs the company and as such it requires from him a comprehensive understanding of the issues related to labor, personnel and the environment in general https://investasiterpercaya.com. The active involvement of all parties is crucial and dialogue, frank and realistic must be the core of this philosophy;
– The execution must become a cultural thing, that is, either on the systems audit and the rules of corporate behavior, representing the result of a collective effort, and not merely an individual matter.

Three are the “building blocks” (or “packets of construction”, effective expression to mean the specific tips to follow in pursuit of the execution) by the authors in the second part of the discussion:

1. The seven fundamental behaviors of the leader: the knowledge of its staff and of their organization, to the smallest unit; constancy in keeping realists, ie the permanent awareness of what are their weaknesses and capabilities, always keeping in mind the views of consumers and competitors; I set goals and focus on identified priorities so as to maximize the resources they have; the continually monitor the situation to ensure that all subordinates have performed their assigned duties; incentive awards with its employees; improve the skills of the individual providing them with a practical example, and therefore not limited to the mere distribution of orders, of how things should be done; finally know themselves, maybe determination and resolve in dealing with situations, so that others will imitate.

2. Create the right environment for a real cultural change: you can not create change for the sake of revolutionizing the corporate structure, any changes should on the contrary be geared to achieving results and in this way you should keep there is a corporate culture operational, identifying the beliefs and attitudes that influence behavior, especially those that are harmful to the company and the growth of workers; and we must still provide economic incentives and, in view of the different results obtained by its employees, but not before agreeing with them the targets to be achieved; It is also vital to consider the social management of the Execution, ie external factors to the rules and roles structured, such as the values, motivation, beliefs in general: what the authors call the “Social Software” refers to mechanisms social operation, which in turn can change behavior and lead back anyway to any opportunity for dialogue within the organization: it is desirable to seize these opportunities in order to observe the various units that make up the company, to proceed with easier to schedules, updates and assessments; Finally, the importance of a strong dialogue, to encourage all those involved in the work to reveal their intentions and to direct their thoughts toward solutions and results and as a constant by the leader, who must “be present” in the lives of those whose behavior he wants to influence and in this context will be the greater their involvement, the greater will be the success in terms of quality of work and productivity.

Easter Recipes For Kids, 10 Dishes To Cook Together

Easter Recipes For Kids, 10 Dishes To Cook Together
Easter recipes for kids, 10 dishes to cook together to experience creative dishes typical but also innovative. A gallery with lots of ideas to make beautiful and very tasty recipes of your Easter menu, satisfying both adults and children.

Here are some recipes for Easter menu to cook with children, who can engage and ingolosirli. Cooking with kids is fun and educational, and if you choose the right dishes, can give good results. Discover 10 recipes Easter for children who are coveted and delight the eye.
1. Sandwiches with animals of the forest

That’s one of the most delicious snacks Easter for children to make with the molds for biscuits.


Bread for sandwiches
mortadella or ham
Cherry tomatoes

For decoration:

black olives
mortadella or ham


Take three long slices of white bread for sandwiches and spalmateli with Robiola. Cover with mortadella with tomatoes and diced, well drained and close with the second slice of bread. Then continue spreading other Robiola and then covering with slices and finally with the third slice of bread. Now cut the desired shapes with cookie molds in the shape of animals and decorate as desired by creating nice faces and adding the salad on a serving plate.

Stuffed egg shaped chick

Stuffed eggs shaped chick are a great appetizer Easter for children, perfect to cook and decorate together.


3 large eggs
2 cans of tuna
1 tablespoon capers
4 anchovy fillets
1 red pepper
1 small carrot
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
type lettuce salad q.s. for garnish


Started preparing 3 boiled eggs, whose yolks will make the filling. To open the boiled eggs cut the top, then gently pull out the yolks. Now put the egg yolks in a bowl with tuna, mayonnaise, anchovy fillets and capers and mix well together. Take the mixture and put it in a pastry bag and stuffed the cake white eggs so abundant so that it comes in above the board. Put the eggs in the fridge to firm. When cool, cover the base of the eggs with the bit of egg white that you have kept aside and decorated with bits of carrot and pepper to make the eyes and the beak of the chicks.


3. Use a tissue as needed

No need to take a tissue lot. Use as needed. Wiping sensitive parts (women) do not require a tissue almost 2 meters. Do preoccupation attract a lot of toilet paper just because it is easily taken. If you use a tissue for a seat on the toilet seat, better use wet wipes or do ways as sedot wc bekasi the second point. Wiping wet hands also do not need to use sheets of tissue. Wear and dispose of the tissue can be done in an instant, but the raw material tissue grow trees take many years.


4. Make a habit of throwing garbage in its place

Disposing of waste in place seems to have become a fixed rule everywhere, but there are still many city dwellers, who still littering. Not only in the open, in public toilets ever we should throw garbage in the space provided. Dispose of the tissue that we use in the trash that has been provided in the toilet cubicle. Although there are some foreign countries are allowed to throw the tissue in the monoblock / pit toilet, do not equate it with in Indonesia (Jakarta). There is why these rules are forbidden to do. Maybe exhaust systems in other countries differ from most public toilets in Indonesia (Jakarta) it is not possible to dispose of the tissue in the toilet hole. In addition to the tissue, also make it a habit not to leave rubbish that we bring from the outside toilet. We can not you, taking out the trash without having to be helped by a janitor toilet?😉

5. Turn off the tap

If you’re washing your hands, make it a habit to close the tap while I am taking soap or rubbing their hands with soap. It seems trivial and short, but if this is done by everyone, the amount of water wasted a bit.

If you saw someone who forgot to shut the tap by others, close the faucet without having to wait for a toilet attendant who shut. If the faucet is broken so that the water continues to flow, immediately notify the management of the toilets to be followed up.

6. Keep the toilet facilities and care

Dispose of waste in place as described on the fourth point. In the toilet with a water faucet in his cell, try not to flood the toilet and keeping it dry. Toilets were dried increase comfort during use. Use any facility that is in the toilet properly and correctly, ranging from the closet, the door, the water hose (if any), trash cans, tissue dispensers, soap dispensers, taps, hand dryer, and so on. The correct use will extend the life of existing facilities in the toilet, and made comfortable all the people who use them. If everyone did this, it means that indirectly we are mutually concerned with creating comfortable conditions of public facilities and functioning optimally.

20 Ways Shown Natural Beauty Without Makeup Part 2

5 ends meet Sleep #

Sleep for 7-8 hours a day will help you to appear more fresh and beautiful. While sleeping, the body’s cells are damaged will be regenerated and normalized, nicki minaj plastic surgery so that when we wake up the body will feel refreshed and healthy.


In addition, sleep is also useful to minimize the stress and restore energy after we move throughout the day.

6 # Routine Wash face

Cleaning the face is an integral part if you want to get a naturally beautiful face. Routinely clean your face at least 3 times a day will help maintain the cleanliness and moisture your skin.

If this is done regularly, then the face will look more clean, avoid the problem of pimples, blackheads, or oily skin. It is advisable to wear a special soap facial cleanser so that the cleaning process more effective.

7 # No Lipstick

Lips pretty is not always synonymous with the use of lipstick. If you want to look beautiful is natural, so try not to wear lipstick. As a substitute, could use a natural moisturizer for the lips, for example by drinking fruit juice or smear honey on the surface of the lips.

So, from nowsay no to lipstick” .

8 # Fill Water

Water is the key to the beauty of your body. Almost 80% of our body is water, so if you want to make the body look more beautiful and healthy then drinking enough water is the key. Air has a lot of important content that is useful to maximize the body’s metabolic processes.

Not only that, water is also useful as a natural detoxification that will remove toxins from the body through urine and sweat that we spend. In terms of beauty, water has an important role as the skin retain moisture, making the skin look brighter, and keeps the body young.

Until now, the kind of water that works well and healthy is hexagonal water .

9 # Note Appearance

Never underestimate the appearance. Face and a beautiful body would not be enough if it is not equipped with a beautiful appearance as well.Pay attention to your appearance, ranging from clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and so forth.

To assess your performance is good or not, you can ask for help from friends or family nearby. In essence, to be able to look beautiful naturally, is not only needed by the body and a pretty face, but also appearance.

10 # Regular Skin Care

Perform regular skin care so you look more beautiful. You do not need to do skin care in the salon, because you can do it at home with ease.