Shoes Miu Miu, The Fall Winter Collection

Shoes Miu Miu, The Fall Winter Collection
Shoes Miu Miu, the fall winter collection 2014-2015 is literally hybrid the classic proposals to the most irreverent, here are the most beautiful shoes of the season designed by fashion designer Miuccia Prada.

The collection presented by Miuccia Prada for fall-winter 2014-2015 is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre, and the highly acclaimed Milanese designer, as always, never fails to amaze us, and this time he does it with a line of shoes that squeeze the ‘eye to the more eccentric and ironic trend of the season. From classical dancers realized in a wide range of finishes, where the focus is always bet on the details, the boots for rain, passing and ballerina slippers ultra flat, there will be spoiled for choice. But let’s start from the most beautiful models in the collection, those which seem out of season, but they are not at all, and then from sandals of the new fall collection of Miu Miu, which are ideal for, still warm, autumn days and for special occasions. The heel remains off and is dotted with large transparent stones set in the metal structure, in short, a very comfortable shoe that should save us from sore feet.

Who does not love the heel, this fall, may very well console himself with a pair of slippers, from the most formal heeled jewel and studs on the toe, to more casual and colorful, there will be spoiled for choice, although pick a couple and not the other is really hard. We are always in the field with ultra flat ballerinas and laced-looking men made of paint to wear during their free time.

Here Alessandro Michele does not give up for Gucci Cruise 2017, in the fabulous blender method, puts together his references, historical references of the brand and the references of a Street Style historical context that does not produce just appearance but substance. Michael opens the door, opens and allows the new world to contaminate the memories, the stories, the layers of memory, a thousand objections with which the politically correct would stop the push to go further.

Taste a little ‘bon ton Then you can not miss the pumps online and Mary Jane Heels sculpture, available in classic neutral shades of the season, but also in a color palette on and definitely strong. Curious to check out the new line of Miuccia Prada shoes The most beautiful models you find them in our gallery. The two brands choose shoes with clean lines with fine straps covered with rhinestones, semiprecious stones and sought glitter.
Browse the photo gallery to discover the most glamorous models of sandals for fall  winter 2014-2015!

The Evolution Of The Camera Obscura,The Room Clear

The Evolution Of The Camera Obscura,The Room Clear
Let’s start with the anticipation that a room can cost very little clear as can cost several Euros, depending on how we want to make technological and powerful. Unlike the dark room where, for better or worse, you need to start with everything you need, the room light is something that can be improved from time to time, until you get to the level of excellence that will really help us in the work of post production and printing

Basically, a clear room must contain: a computer for post production and editing images, a monitor, a printer. This list can then further expand adding a scanner for photos and / or negative, a graphics tablet for easier manipulation of images, a second monitor support, a NAS to store our photographs Let’s see, below, what we need to set our clear room (room apart from that, this time, can be enlightened as we want).

The computer. Working with photos means to process very large files often have little to do with the video card. This means that the least important component in a computer dedicated exclusively to editing is, in fact, the video card. For the latter, however, remember that you must have at least two video outputs: otherwise affix a budget (say about 150 €) and choose the best that the market offers. Memory is vital to the contrary: 16 Gb are a must (the speed affects the performance, but not enough to force us to spend disproportionate numbers). Also important is storage: HDD as main bodies with a good SSD 128Gb HDD support while as you can opt for 1Tb, considering the very low price. The processor is crucial as it will be exploited to the maximum in image manipulation. Intel I7 (those with K are overclockable) should be your choice, while the motherboard go for one that has at least one USB 3.0 output. The power supply and the case should be as silent as possible (concentration above all!) But without fainting. The power supply, for example, can be of 500W if you do not overdo it with the video card. In any case, use of the computer for photo editing should not reach 1000 euro to around the € 800 (the difference is often the video card).

The monitor. My advice is to equip yourself with at least a pair of monitor where it can be oriented vertically. As for size and resolution, these are related mostly to the budget you have. One of the best monitors in circulation for photography

Lactic Acid Bacteria, What They Do And When To Take Them

Lactic Acid Bacteria, What They Do And When To Take Them
lactic acid bacteria, what they do and when to take them. All situations where it is essential to use them, taking them through food or by purchasing them as sachets and capsules directly to the pharmacy. Here’s everything you need to know!

When we speak of lactic ferments we refer to specific bacteria that live in our bodies, so-called good bacteria, the ones that we need and that feed through the food that we eat. They are bacteria that produce lactic acid and which are very useful because they restore the bacterial flora. Very often they are hired to care for and treat infection and inflammation that affect the stomach and intestines, but not only. So that’s all you need to know about milk enzymes.
lactic acid bacteria, because they serve

The live lactic acid bacteria, as mentioned, are essential to our organism to restore the intestinal flora that performs a number of functions that for our organism are very important. It helps digestion and keeps intact the intestinal mucosa, and it is crucial because it helps the body to synthesize certain groups of vitamins. In general are a help for our intestine, in all those cases in which its smooth operation is compromised by food, drugs, stress, and in all those circumstances that create a certain imbalance.

When you hire the lactic ferments

In general, in all those cases in which they have specific problems, but would also assume them in the case of preventive way to strengthen the immune system and refreshment the intestinal flora and in general in all those situations that can cause imbalances. The lactic acid bacteria can be assumed, therefore, in case of constipation and diarrhea, given that regularize the intestinal functions, to cure intestinal tract infections and diseases, in case of allergies, of genital infections and in conjunction with antibiotic treatment, since that there are drugs that weaken the bacterial flora. In addition, the milk enzymes can be effective in cases of high cholesterol, and gastroesophageal reflux.

Where are the lactic acid bacteria

Undoubtedly in some foods, such as yogurt, legumes, nuts, in asparagus and oats But who has a problem with the power supply and is not able to follow a healthy diet and healthy, usually he prefers to hire them in bags or capsules. In that case, just turn to a pharmacy or a pharmacy to get the ones that best suit your needs.

New Yamaha Nmax 150 Official Release in Indonesia

After it was launched officially at Sentul in early February is now the turn of Bali the island of gods the coming of the New Yamaha motorcycle matik very big NMax 150 2015. To be exact Saturday (29/2) yesterday and is housed in the headquarters of the DDS Yamaha Bali finally people in island full of exotic places this could be 150 cc scooter’s latest proposal. Meanwhile for the issue price on its own harga yamaha nmax 150 2015 sold around Rp 27.8 million.

It means a little bit more expensive approximately USD 400 thousand compared to prices in Jakarta, just info indeed Bali has most of the motor vehicle tax is high compared to other areas so it is not surprising if the cost is also quite expensive, even the latest fuel prices alone in Bali can dispute some dollars compared with Java and other islands.
yamaha-nmaxHowever, to date there are already recorded 500 units have been provided for the people of Bali and the plan only to inden 2 or 3 months. It was delivered directly by Felix Gusman Komala as Head DDS Yamaha Bali and his opinion of the community on the island of the gods is very enthusiastic with the Honda PCX 150 competitors so it is not surprising if Yamaha party will prioritize Bali as the largest market in Jakarta so that consumers who have been ordered not to wait too long.

As we know PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) has been immersing technology Blue Core on motor premium is dead and despite having considerable weight Yamaha NMax 150 remain agile in use and have the level of fuel efficiency is good enough. It also was felt directly by Nyoman Gede Surata as Coordinator of the Academy Yamaha DSS Bali while performing kuji try on the motor.

He thinks the Yamaha motorcycle matik NMax 150 is a premium but very economical considering its fuel consumption excellent namely reach 50 km using only 1 liter of fuel. This motor could add himself wearing premium fuel or FUEL use but if builtin builtin anga konsumsinya could have been much better.

Yamaha party Bali itself has opened inden reservation on its customers starting right now and for the initial steps can go to the closest dealer to do otonity a variety registration process and then wait for the motorcycle matic inden comes home each buyer who predicted it will get about 2 weeks after ordering.

You need to know Yamaha Nmax 150 was big motorcycle are indeed prepared to battle the Honda PCX 150 on the market, it’s just an excess of Yamaha NMax is sold much cheaper given the motor is manufactured within the country while its competitors are still imported from the manufacturer Honda that is in Thailand. Meanwhile for the choice of the colours already available in four variants of which are Red Metallic Mat (red), Yellowish Gray Metallic (grey), Simplitcity (white) and the last Black Metallic (black).

Latest news mentions in the near future this PT YIMM also preparing to launch a new scooter with carrying the Blue Core technology, though it is still a secret of the what is a model but it looks like Yamaha Central Indonesia is serious to make the whole scooter they wore a Blue Core technology because there’s been previous Yamaha Mio M3. Blue Core itself is a technology that was developed to create a fixed maximum power generating machines yet still save fuel and also environmentally friendly.

Teen Drinkers is Dangerous

Let your teen drink responsibly under your watchful eye, and he’ll be less likely to end up as that puking,  pantless frat boy in his freshman year.

But a new study finds young teens who drink with adult supervision actually drink more  and have a greater risk of experiencing negative consequences. It’s just  the latest evidence that the best way to prevent drinking problems in  teens just may be to prevent teen drinking, period.

Teen Drinkers Have More Problems

Researchers at the University of Minnesota surveyed almost 2,000  adolescents about their alcohol use—some in Washington State and some in  Australia, where the drinking age is 18 and the culture more  permissive.

By eighth grade, about one-third of the American teens and two-thirds  of the Australian teens reported having a drink with an adult present.  Regardless of which hemisphere they lived in, these teens tended to  drink more. They were also more likely to have alcohol-related problems  like fights, blackouts, losing control, or having sex they later  regretted. The study was published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.


“Kids need adults to be adults, not drinking partners,” says study  author Barbara McMorris, Ph.D., senior research associate at the School  of Nursing at the University of Minnesota. “For young adolescents,  drinking with parents or adults at dinner or special occasions or even  at parties sends a clear message that it’s OK for them to indulge in  this adult behavior. This doesn’t mean that teens will know how to drink  responsibly when they are hanging out with friends in unsupervised  settings.”Supervised Drinking Is Risky for Older Teens, Too—and for Parents

Well, sure, that makes sense for the 13- to 15-year-olds in the  study. But what about college-bound 18-year-olds? If you never let booze  cross their lips, aren’t you encouraging them to lose control when they  get to the Girls-Gone-Wild world of the American college campus?

“That makes sense when you say it, and I can understand why some  parents think that. But there’s no evidence to support that and there’s a  lot to support the opposite,” says Christine Jackson, Ph.D., of  research institute RTI International in North Caroline. Jackson has  extensively studied parents’ influences on teens’ substance use habits.

Take a study published last year of 450 female high school seniors. Those who were permitted to drink at home—either at family meals or with their friends—were more likely to binge drink their first semester of college. They partied an  average of one to three times each month, compared to less than once a  month for those who hadn’t drank with mom and dad.

Oh, and about that whole “no drinking under 21″ thing: Some states  allow exceptions for parents and spouses, though often, only at home.  But others have so-called social host liability laws that increase the  penalties. Enable a group of teen drinkers and you could be looking at a  misdemeanor or worse, along with liability for any accidents that occur  as a result.


Where the Research Stands

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre in Australia is in the middle of a long-term study that aims to give parents more concrete guidance about whether supervised drinking can ever teach teens healthy drinking habits.

“Few other studies to date have examined this issue in sufficient  detail. We do not know the answer to this question as yet,” says Delyse  Hutchinson, Ph.D., one of the researchers involved. For instance,  studies need to look more closely at the context—like, whether sipping  at religious events has a different effect than drinking at supervised  parties or at dinner. But in the meantime, “based on the existing  evidence, the best available advice to parents is to delay the onset of  adolescent drinking.”

Tips for Parents

This may seem like an impossible task. But as a parent, you do have  the power to influence your teen’s habits.

Here are some expert tips:

-Set firm rules. You don’t have to be mean, just be clear. “Say,  ‘Eventually when you’re older you can make your own decision about  drinking. But for now, I’m the parent and I’m making the decision—it’s  no, and here’s why,’ ” Dr. Jackson suggests.

-Stay on the ball, Dr. Jackson continues. Talk to other parents about  whether they allow drinking. Keep tabs on what’s stored in—and missing  from—your liquor cabinet and fridge.

-Model healthy drinking, Dr. Hutchinson says. It’s hard to tell your kid not to get buzzed when your own speech is slurred. Wine, beer, and other booze does have its health perks for adults—but keep things in moderation for everyone’s benefit.

OK, so now that drinking issues are covered.

Boosting Metabolism In Women After 40 – cream temulawak

As women age, the ability to produce and maintain energy decreases, making it difficult to stay alert and focused throughout a busy day. When metabolism slows down, it causes middle-aged women to have less energy, gain weight, and often settled into a sedentary lifestyle that can be harmful to their health.

Luckily, there are ways to boost women’s metabolism after age 40 and well into middle age. The following tips and information can help you and other women in your life understand the metabolic functions specific to the female body, how to boost and maintain a healthy metabolism, and, most importantly, what to do when energy levels drop and weight begins to rise.

What Is Metabolism?

Your metabolism is responsible for most all chemical reactions that take place in the body. It sees to the maintenance and encouragement of the living state of the cells and ensure the production of energy. Metabolism is also closely linked to one’s nutrition and diet, mainly because the human body receives the majority of its energy from food.

When young, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper self-care can ensure a healthy and active metabolism in the average person. However, different factors can affect how well your metabolism functions over time. In women especially, metabolism can be tricky. The female body processes and absorbs energy differently than the male body, making it harder to manage weight and increase energy levels.


Understanding Metabolic Rates in Women

From an evolutionary standpoint, women are smaller, have lighter bones, and less muscle mass. Due to this, they have a higher percentage of body fat on average and tend to burn less fat than males. The female body depends on fat for fuel, making exercise incredibly necessary to lose unwanted fat. At rest, women are more likely to burn carbs than fat, making it difficult to lose fat once it’s accumulated.

As women age, this process of burning fat becomes even slower, and if physical activity drops, it can lead to reduced energy levels and rapid weight gain. It is common for women to have more body fat due to their potential to become pregnant. Body fat is used for cushioning as well as for lactation, making it necessary for the body to store it once a woman becomes sexually mature.

In addition natural body composition, outside factors can negatively affect metabolism in women. The biggest outside factor is stress. Middle aged women, especially those who are in the midst of raising a family, handling a career, and perhaps working at a marriage, are more likely to be stressed. While some stress is good and beneficial for the body, it is common, especially in today’s modern society, to be overly stressed.

When the body experiences stress, it releases the hormone cortisol, which floods the bloodstream with adrenaline, increases blood sugar levels, and leads to an insulin spike. This reaction is used for the body’s “fight or flight” response, but when it becomes part of your everyday life, it can wreak havoc on your systems. The biggest problem with cortisol is that it can lead to higher fat storage and fluid retention which throws a healthy metabolism out of whack and makes it almost impossible to lose body fat.

Understanding your unique metabolism as a woman over 40 will help you to pick the best course of action for boosting your metabolism and managing your weight. The following tips, activities, and exercises will help you to boost your metabolism in a healthy, effective way. cream temulawak


Great Ways To Boost Your Metabolism After 40

To restart your metabolism, you can try a few activities. It is important to stay focused and persistent as you work to get your energy levels back up because it can take a while to return your metabolism to some sort of rhythm. However, there is no need to fret! With the following tips, you can settle into a metabolism boosting routine in no time at all :

Fuel The Fire By Eating Enough – cream temulawak

Many women think that crash diets or eating significantly less will help them to lose weight, but doing this can actually cause your metabolism to slow down even more. When you take in less than 1,000 calories per day, it causes your metabolism to slow in order to save energy. The best way to kick your metabolism into high gear is to eat several small meals throughout the day. This will help your energy levels stay steady and constant so you don’t have to worry about sudden crashes or energy spikes. In addition, these meals can’t consist of just any old foods. Instead of processed snacks and meals, try whole foods such as fresh fruit, lean protein, brown rice, and fresh, veggies.

ALWAYS Eat Breakfast

Busy women tend to forego breakfast because the morning is the most hectic time of the day. Getting kids ready for school and yourself ready for work can take a lot of time and focus and next thing you know it’s time to head out the door. Unfortunately, skipping breakfast can cause your metabolism to slow down as well. Be sure to eat breakfast within two hours of waking in order to spark your metabolism so you can have energy throughout the day. A balanced breakfast is the best way to fuel a steady metabolic weight. Add protein like egg whites and fresh citrus fruits to give you the energy boost you need to tackle the day.


Add Protein To Each Meal

Protein is important for keeping your full and focused throughout your day. When you stay full longer, you eat less which enables weight loss. It is also important to eat the right protein rich foods such as yogurt, beans, lentils, and lean meats.Take Iron Supplements: Each month women lose a lot of iron during their period. Lower iron levels can cause metabolism to slow down, and it can turn into a vicious cycle thanks to your monthly cycle. By taking an iron supplement, you can once again balance your metabolism which will lead to more energy and weight loss.


5 Misconceptions About Pregnancy – Gluta Pacenta

The truth lies somewhere between “blissful belly” and “crummy conception.” Some women seem to suffer little to no nausea, minimal weight gain, maintain their normal exercise routine until the wee hours before labor begins and generally glow like a neon light throughout the duration of their pregnancy.

Nausea and Vomiting

Others, of course, experience the exact opposite: nausea and vomiting that persists well past the first trimester, overwhelming fatigue that supersedes the promised second trimester energy burst, skin rashes and acne, swollen feet and ankles, sleep-interrupting indigestion, backache, and depression or anxiety can all be pregnancy-related experiences for a large percentage of women.


Not only do these pregnancy-related experiences vary from woman to woman, pregnancy to pregnancy, they also vary in importance. While pregnancy manifestations like indigestion or mild backache can be handled withminimalist intervention, others require a greater level of attention. Prenatal depression, for example, which occurs in an estimated 10-12 percent of pregnancies, has been proven to increase a woman’s risk for pre-term delivery, among other complications, and requires prompt evaluation and treatment by a qualified care provider.

Really, the increased caloric intake requirement for pregnancy is rather minimal. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends an increase of 300 calories per day for a woman of normal pre-pregnancy weight, carrying a singleton pregnancy, (600) for a woman with twins, (1,000- higher order multiples).

A 300 calorie addition to a woman’s diet is roughly equivalent to one fruit & cereal-based granola bar, or three large apples, or a cup of low-fat yogurt and a small banana or2 pieces of whole wheat toast with 1 TBSP of peanut butter.  More drastic, therecommendation for water intake is 10-12 8 oz. glasses of fluid per day (which may represent ahuge increase, depending upon a woman’s pre-pregnancy water intake) The important focus, here, is the quality of the calories a pregnant woman consumes, rather than the overall quantity.

Nine months, depending on the date of conception is, give or take, about 275 days which is equivalent to about 39 weeks. Many resources tell us pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Others suggest 37 weeks is considered “full term,” and still others remind us that allowing a pregnancy to go to 41.5 or 42 weeks is acceptable. The point here? Nine months is an average. With the pre-term birth rate ever rising in our country (~12%) we certainly hope women will carry their babies to or beyond 37 completed weeks.

But it is also wise to mentally prepare yourself for a longer duration: if you anticipate a due month for baby’s anticipated birth day, falling somewhere between 38 and 42 weeks past conception, you will find yourself feeling less antsy if you happen to be one of the ~10% of women whose pregnancies go beyond the fortieth week.


Mentally and Spiritually Blossoming – gluta pacenta

Pregnancy is, in fact, a time of enormous growth in a woman’s life (no pun, intended). Physically, mentally and spiritually blossoming, a pregnant woman can maximize her experience of these metamorphoses by playing an integral role in the decision-making that occurs during her pregnancy (and birth). From deciding on which prenatal tests to opt into or out of, from whom she will receive her perinatal care, and where she will give birth, the confidence garnered through this type of initiative will not only encourage a greater level of informed decision making during pregnancy, but a an empowered approach to childbirth, as well.


This, of course, depends on where, and under what circumstances, you live. Prior to the inception of basic hygiene measures like washing with soap and water, development and use of antibiotics, water sanitation, clean and efficient food transportation and preparation practices, and recognition of and development of treatment regimens for medical conditions like postpartum hemorrhage…pregnancy and birth did equate to the most dangerous time in a woman’s life. gluta pacenta

And in some places around the world, this is still the case. However, in developed nations, these issues are largely ameliorated—making pregnancy and birth a feasibly safe, healthy and normalexperience in the lives of 90+ % of women.  Adequate prenatal care from a trained maternity care provider, good prenatal nutrition (including prenatal vitamin supplementation), healthy lifestyle maintenance and the practice of evidence-based maternity care by a woman’s provider can all ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth experience.


Foods To Increase Metabolism

Increase Metabolism Naturally – 4 Simple Tips

Increase Metabolism Naturally. A high meatbolic rate leads to burning calories faster, even without exercising or working out. Some people are naturally blessed with a sky high metabolism, however others have a slow metabolism and have to really put effort in to increase it. Don’t worry if this is you though – everyone can make efforts to increase metabolism naturally and this article explains some simple ways you can do it.

Increase Metabolism Naturally . Here are a few ways you can do this without making dramatic life changes:

Lifting weights. Regular weight training and workin out helps in building your lean muscle mass. This extra muscle mass means you burn calories faster. than normal and have a wider calorie defecit. Gaining just one pound of muscle will burn up to an extra 50 calories per day, so gaining just a few extra pounds of muscle mass will make a big difference on its own.

Eat more fresh fruits. Most fruits are rich infiber. The advantage here is that it improves the digestion process, and will help food to go through your body at a much increased rate. If you digest your food fast it doesn’tget stored as fat and you won’t therefore put as much weight on.

Eat smaller meals, more frequently. Eating frequent meals ensures your  stomach digests the food quickly as it knows the next meal is coming soon. Also as you weat smaller portions there is less food there to be stored as fat. This will make your metabolic rate soar and your digestive system will process food much faster. You won’t store half as much fat as normally.

Listen to subliminal messages. Subliminal CDs will help to increase your metabolic rate by targeting your subconscious brain. Our mind controls all your body functions i.e. your breathing, blinking rate and digestive system, and of courseyour metabolic rate too. So by targeting your subconscious mind you  will increase your metabolic rate naturally and lose weight steadily.

With an improved metabolism you will get more out of your exercise and diet program and will reach your weight loss goals much easier. It’s when your metabolic rate slows down that you will have problems losing weight as you will store more fat from all the food you eat as you don’t process it fast enough. So increase your metabolism naturally today and lose the weight you have been putting on forever.


There are 8 quick way to increase metabolism by Judd Handler


according For those who struggle with weight and low energy, learning how to increase metabolism will result in safe and effective fat loss, an increase in muscle tone, an elevated sense of mental well-being and a host of other wellness benefits.

Even the environment will fare better as we collectively improve metabolism. How so? Many people struggling with obesity eat a majority of their calories from processed, factory-farmed and heavily packaged foods. These foods are far more of a strain on the environment than foods grown naturally.

With those facts in mind, we present our list of tips on how to increase metabolism:

Tip #1: Eat real food

Ask yourself if something you’re about to eat was around more than 10,000 years ago. If not, don’t eat it. Better yet, if you’re really serious about boosting your metabolism, raid your pantry and fridge — not to gorge, but to purge it of any products that you highly doubt were around just a few generations ago.

If you have a hunch that the Jell-O, Twinkies, potato chips and Twizzlers in your cabinets weren’t enjoyed by cavemen, trash them and never buy them again.

Lean meats, plenty of fresh vegetables, some fruit and a small amount of seeds, nuts and natural oils should comprise 99 percent of your food intake. (Cheat once in a blue moon so you don’t completely fall off the wagon.)

Start reading food labels. If a product has as many items as the periodic table of elements, it won’t boost your metabolism. Don’t eat something if it has more than three to five ingredients (less is best).

Foods loaded with preservatives, excessive natural sugar, and cheap sugar surrogates like high-fructose corn syrup lead to weight gain because these substances are a shock to the liver and have a tendency to get stored as body fat.

Tip #2: Eat 3-6 times per day

On one hand, it seems like many people have heard the wise tip of eating several small meals throughout the day. Why then is there still a prevalence of fasting to lose weight?

The psychological factor of stepping on a scale and seeing the weight go down is huge. If someone skips meals, say to lose 10 pounds for a wedding, they may be successful in dropping the weight.

When someone steps on a scale, however, the number before them does not tell the whole story.

The reading on the scale fails to decipher how much weight was attributed to fat loss (much to the chagrin of the faster, not likely very much), how much to muscle gain (none; more likely, muscle mass will waste away), and how much to water-weight fluctuations (very likely).

Eating smaller, balanced meals throughout the day keeps blood sugar levels from fluctuating. As a result, cravings for foods that tend to put on fat are greatly reduced.

If you go several hours without eating (more than four or five), your body’s neurological wiring will still act as it did in prehistoric times, shutting down your metabolism to prepare for a period of starvation.

Tip #3: Eat 10 grams of protein by 10 a.m.

Every meal you eat should contain the three main macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and natural fat. The trick is to figure out which proportions of each to eat at every meal. (An online test called Metabolic Typing can help you figure this out).

And if you’re following tip #2, chances are, you’re eating breakfast. That’s smart because it will fire up your engine and make sure your metabolism gets cranking early in the day.

By 10 a.m. every day — lazy Sundays included — eat 10 grams of high-quality protein to kick start your metabolism. (One egg has about 6 grams.) Even waiting to eat your first meal of the day at an 11 a.m. brunch will throw your metabolism off for the rest of the day.

Tip #4: Exercise — but don’t do too much cardio

Exercise to Increase Metabolism Naturally
Exercise to Increase Metabolism Naturally

Some runners and joggers can’t figure out why, despite all the cardiovascular exercise they’re doing, those last 10 extra pounds won’t melt away.

Too much cardio will actually burn muscle tissue. A better way to boost metabolism through exercise is to start a strength-training routine.

Don’t have the money or desire to join a gym or hire a personal trainer? No problem. Your own body is the only piece of exercise equipment you need. You also don’t need to exercise for an hour or more at a clip to boost your metabolism.

Recent studies have demonstrated that several short bursts of resistance training can be more effective at boosting metabolism than an hour-long workout. Pushups off your knees, even for men, are a great way to get back in shape and boost metabolism. Perform several sets of 10 repetitions throughout the day.

4 extra tips to boost metabolism:

  • Drink green tea throughout the day.
  • Make sure to also drink plenty of water.
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to regulate hormone levels.
  • Check with a health professional to see if your hormone levels are balanced.

Increase Metabolism Naturally

Increase Metabolism Naturally, Increase Metabolism, Tips to Increase Metabolism, living long, healthy living

Lemonade-diet to weight loss

Lemonade Diet to Fast Weight Loss

The lemonade diet is mostly used as a detoxifying and colon cleanse regime. It does promote weight loss but it should not be considered similar to fat loss. The weight that you’re going to lose from the lemonade diet is mostly attributed to the fluids, water and toxins that you’re going to flush out from your system in the process.

The lemonade diet is a form of detoxification program similar to herbal remedies for cleaning the system. It is touted as the Master Cleanser during the 1940s and is still popular to this day because of its purported effectiveness.

Heads up

Before you start with the lemonade diet, it’s important to note that detox diets are not necessarily suitable for the faint-hearted. For starters, it’s difficult to follow these programs to a T because people are normally addicted to food. It’s difficult to go on a lemonade diet because this will entail laying off on the normal food substances that we take on every meal. This is why it’s not uncommon for people to report varying degrees of success when it comes to taking the lemonade diet.

The first few days of following this regime are probably the hardest. There are those who will follow the plan strictly for five days while others opt to extend it for as long as two weeks.


While it cannot be used for cellulite reduction, the lemonade diet still comes with a number of benefits that go beyond weight loss. For instance, this program has been reported to help relieve arthritic symptoms, gout, infections and pain.

The detox procedure also helps in dissolving and flushing out toxins that have accumulated in the body. It also promotes cleaner gastrointestinal tracts and purifies the cells and glands.

Side effects

As earlier mentioned, the first few days on the lemonade diet program are going to be tough. It’s also going to be difficult to go without solid food for a significant period of time. Just as other detox diets go, the lemonade diet can bring forth certain detox side effects such as cravings, nausea, fatigue and irritability although these are short-lived. On rare occasions, the symptoms can become severe compelling the individual to cut the diet program short. However, after the first few days and once your body has grown accustomed to the intake of fluids, you will end up feeling better and refreshed because the toxins in your system are gradually flushed out.

Medical precautions

Before you go on a lemonade diet, it is important to talk to your physician first particularly if you’re under medication or you’re suffering from certain health issues. Remember that the lemonade diet or any form of detox program for that matter may not be suitable for everyone. The doctor has to monitor your health while you’re on the diet to make sure that the program does not interfere or hinder the effect of your current medications.

When you’re on the lemonade diet it’s also important that you stay attune to your body signals. You have to pay attention to symptoms that will tell you that it’s already time to go back to regular eating. You shouldn’t go through this diet for a long period.


Lemonade Diet to Fast Losing Weight

Losing weight
Losing weight

Losing weight is a big challenge. If it weren’t difficult, then the world wouldn’t have to go through great lengths to come out with every which kind of diet plan just to help those who want to shed off the excess pounds. If losing weight were as easy as gaining it, then there’s no need for the hundreds and thousands of weight loss supplements that clutter grocers and health stores these days.

But just because losing weight is difficult doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible and unattainable. It is possible to slim down to your ideal size with the right level of discipline and commitment to stick to the cellulite reduction and weight loss program that you have chosen. Here are additional pointers on losing weight that you might want to take note of.

Crash diets don’t work

When it comes to losing weight, the most common technique that people adopt is to go on crash diets. Drastic weight loss usually entails the loss of glycogen and water weight and not fat. It’s important to understand that fat makes the most of your weight – something that going on crash diets will not be able to get rid of. The problem with going on hunger strike for losing weight is that it will only work for short period. Because your body is always on starvation mode, you’re more prone to straying and bingeing to compensate on the food deprivation. Because of this, you tend to gain more weight than you lose.

Look for alternatives

The best tip for losing weight is to make it as easy as possible for you to stick to your chosen weight loss program. It is also a common idea that losing weight means laying off on the snacks that you love to eat. Instead of doing so, you can probably start by looking for healthier alternatives to your favourite snacks. For instance, opt of reduced fast brands or low-calorie choices.Drink

Drinking lots of water, herbal concoctions and other fluids will help you in losing weight. But you still need to choose the kind of drinks to take in. For instance, you want to lay off on the soda because this can help save more than 360 calories every day. Diet soda, fruit juices and milk tend to add unnecessary calories on your daily intake so you want to minimize or even cut off on these items. While you’re losing weight, opt for whole, skim or soy milk and more water.

Healthy diet and exercise

Losing weight doesn’t mean just cutting down on your food intake and taking as many acai berries and other supplements as you can take in a day. You have to move around as well. Weight loss programs are designed as supplements to fitness regimes. One cannot stand without the other. Losing weight effectively is a combination of a healthy diet and proper exercise.

However, if you’re not too keen on the idea of spending every afternoon at the gym, there are other ways through which you can adopt a more active lifestyle conducive for losing weight. Taking up a sport, jogging, afternoon walks around the park or even playing with your children will help you lose a lot of unnecessary weight.


Using Acai to Lose WeightUsing Acai to Lose Weight


The little fruit with big benefits: the acai berry’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities make it the world’s number one superfood. People are starting to recognise the benefits of an acai diet, whose natural ingredients have several qualities known to help prevent afflictions as serious as cancer and Alzheimer’s. An acai diet can provide the amino acids and antioxidants modern diets can sometimes lack.

The natural ingredients in acai can also help maintain energy levels. Not only can this make you feel better, it can also allow you more productive in your life. As part of a controlled acai diet, increased energy can mean more effective exercise and digestion.

Those in the Amazon who harvest the acai berry partake in an acai diet almost by default: their diet reportedly consists of 42% of the wonder berry. Acai berry juice is a terrific way to begin the day.Using the acai diet to aid with weight loss

Acai berries are good at keeping people slim because they contain high levels of amino acids, fiber, fatty acids and phytosterols. The acai diet is a great way for a person to lose weight and keep weight off.

Acai berries are chock full of antioxidants – your body’s best defense against free radicals. The free radicals that naturally occur in your body attack cells and organs, causing degeneration and aging. A higher level of antioxidants can slow this process, making a person look and feel younger. Proponents of the acai diet often report higher levels of vitality and energy.

There are many benefits to adding acai berries to your diet. Acai berries are a powerful antioxidant, they have high levels of fiber and they contain important minerals.

Acai berries also contain the “good” kind of fatty acids – Omega-3 and Omega-6. These suppress hunger and keep metabolism high. Not all fats are bad for you and those in acai berries can help a person to lose excess weight and keep it off.FiberAcai berries contain high levels of fiber, which means that the digestive tract can function more efficiently, with less food being absorbed into the body and turned into fat cells.

Amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Muscles need amino acids to function properly and regenerate after vigorous exercise. Amino acids help the body build muscle – another key reason to look at the acai diet, which contains high levels of amino acids.


The building blocks of cell membranes are phytosterols. These assist the digestive tract by ridding your body of waste and increasing efficient absorption of nutrients. High levels of these phytosterols are in acai berries.

Disease-fighting qualities

In a widely-quoted study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, professor Stephen Talcott showed that acai-berry extracts can kill off up to 86% of leukemia.

“Acai berries are already considered one of the richest sources of antioxidants,” he writes. “This study was an important step toward learning what people may gain from using dietary supplements or other products made with the berries.”Why choose acai berries?

Acai berries contain high levels of antioxidants, which are essential to our diet. We live in an age of so many harmful environmental toxins- phytoestrogens, chemicals, and pesticides . Lots of people are attracted to acai because the berries help with weight loss, while othes are happy to enjoy increased energy levels. The disease-fighting elements of acai berries are also important to consider. There are numerous reasons to become a fan of the acai diet.Acai berry supplements

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to access acai berries is to take acai supplements. The wide array of products on the market is a testament to the popularity of this superfood. Acai Power Blast is one of our favourites, combining the powerful acai berry with other weight loss ingredients like the noni berry.

Acai juice and drinks

You can likely find acai juice in your local natural food or juice store. Just be careful – many juices contain high levels of sugar or are diluted with the juice of another fruit. The health benefits can therefore be greatly reduced. For those who are committed to a weight loss regime, acai berry supplements still provide a lower-calorie route.

Give it a shot

Acai berries are the world’s most popular superfood and the benefits of an acai diet are numerous. Try acai berry products for yourself – you’ll be a convert in no time!

Acai and Colon Cleanse Duo Diet

One popular combination diet is to combine one supplement for nutrition and another for clearing out accumulated toxins. As described above, the acai berry has become very popular as a weight loss supplement because of the nutrional boost and its ability to curb hunger cravings. Combining these benefits with those of a good colon cleanser can accelerate weight loss dramatically.

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How to Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast.  The modern world has come up with a variety of techniques on how to lose weight fast. There are methods that work better than others while there are programs that are easier to follow. Some, such as herbal supplements do not cost a lot while others can create a really huge dent on your budget. If you want to know how to lose weight fast, understand that weight loss techniques are not created equal. There are those that may be effective for others but are not necessarily suitable for your particular situation.

When choosing a route for quick weight loss, it’s important to consider options that you can stick to for a longer period. To gain the full benefits of cellulite reduction and weight loss programs, you have to be able to keep up with the program for as long as you can.

How to lose weight fast, Consult your doctor

The first step on how to lose weight fast is to consult with your physician. This especially applies to people who are overweight and those that are suffering from certain medical conditions. Your doctor should oversee to any weight loss program that you adopt. He has to be informed of any type of product that you take, be it herbs such as acai berries or hoodia gordonii or you’re taking special medications to help pull your cholesterol levels down. Your physician will also be able to prescribe a way on faster weight loss based on your current condition.

Your options

As earlier mentioned, when it comes to the technique on how to lose weight fast, the modern world has provided you with a number of options. Here are some of the most popular diet plans for how to lose weight quickly.

Scarsdale diet – this is suitable for those who find it difficult to go for long periods without eating. The diet plan uses regular supermarket foods and the meal plans are designed just so you reduce your calorie intake without making you feel hungry all the time.

Lemonade diet – if you don’t have a lot of pounds to lose, the lemonade diet is a great form of detox program that also works on fast weight loss. In this program on how to lose weight fast, you will need to stick to a fluid diet composed of lemonade and other substances.

Three-day diet – the diet program lasts for three days. This is a technique is great for those who only have less than ten pounds to lose and too little time for it. In essence, the three-day program is a reduced calorie intake technique that regulates the type of food that you take in. For instance, breakfast will be composed of black coffee or tea, half a grapefruit and a slice of toast. You can download meal plans on the internet to help you out.

But any diet program, for it to become even more effective, has to be applied along with a proper fitness regime. Make sure to exercise often while under any diet program so you get the full benefits of your weight loss plan.


Fast weight loss

How to lose weight fast
How to lose weight fast

To some, fast weight loss means medical procedures like liposuction or gastric bypass. These may truly be fast runs on losing weight, but there are inexpensive and completely natural ways for fast weight loss that can save you from having to spend money on such procedures. You may be tired of hearing about healthy diet or exercise, lots of water, low fat this and that, but really, they are part of that fast weight loss that you want to achieve—and there are reasons why they are most effective.

What about the healthy diet babble?

Well, eating the wrong food types would not only cause you to be overweight – they might also cause other serious diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, and many others. Try basing your diet on the food pyramid. The elementary principle of go grow and glow food groups can truly help. Consult a dietitian; he/she would say the same.

One technique for fast weight loss is eating slow. Notice that thin people take their time during meals. Eating fast won’t get you to that fast weight loss – in fact, it would do the opposite. People who eat slowly take off pounds since the brain takes about 20 minutes from the minute you began eating, to start signaling “fullness”—therefore they are able to observe that right amount of food intake. People who eat fast, on the other hand, often miss that signal and continue eating beyond that level of fullness, therefore consuming more than the recommended amount of calories.

It is also good to eat small portions of food instead of stuffing them all in one hefty meal. Frequent and well balanced eating helps in fast weight loss, while eating big loads of food in one sitting makes you gain more weight.

Another fast weight loss tip would be keeping your kitchen free of too much pleasure treats. Late night guilt trips to the pantry would be lessened if you keep your guilt foods to a minimum. Remember that your body burns less calories at night because you are resting, so keep your food in take (whether it be a proper meal or a late night snack) balanced.Herbal teas as well as goji juice drinks, and high fiber acai berries are great substitutes for sodas and chips. They are healthy snacks that also help faster digestion therefore leading to fast weight loss. Other bite size fruits such as grapes are also great alternatives for sweet treats such as candies and chocolates, which are temptations hindering fast weight loss.

Most people dread exercise but there really is nothing to be intimidated about. Exercising don’t necessarily require going to the gym with all the equipment and weights (although it is recommended). Exercising can also be done through household chores and simple walking the dog. You could also save gas and pollution by walking to close by places to run errands—all it takes is a little effort and that motivation of a fast weight loss.

So eat healthy, join a gym (or not), walk around, enjoy your meals, eat slow, drink water, live your life and lose the fats. There is no easier way to lose weight faster than following a natural and healthy lifestyle.

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